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Black Friday - GoStudio offers you 25% discount immediately on package's price

1. Overview

For the occasion of Black Friday this year, GoStudio is launching a promotional programme to offer the best price for those who want to upgrade packages.

When you upgrade or buy any package with a duration of under 6 months, you will get 15% off.

For packages of 6 months or over: save 25%!

It’s very tempting, isn’t it? Why not upgrade now to a 6-month plan to get the greatest discount and enjoy our service for a longer period!

Promotional information will be continuously updated on GoStudio fanpage and website.

2. How to use the offers

Enjoy GoStudio’s offers with just a few simple steps as follows:

Step 1: Log in to GoStudio and go to Package

Step 2: Choose the package you like or create a self-config package.

Step 3: Click Upgrade now to get to the payment interface

Step 4: Choose the Duration for the package and enter Coupon code

  • BLACK15 for packages with a duration of 1 - 5 months
  • BLACK25 for packages with a duration of 6 months or more

The discount codes are only valid from November 23 to December 19. Hurry up to get HOT offers now!

Step 5: Choose a suitable payment method and proceed to pay as instructed. See payment instructions HERE

Don't forget to follow GoStudio’s Facebook Fanpage and website so that you don't miss any promotional or customer appreciation programme!

3. Tips to use GoStudio to livestream and boost sales on Black Friday

Tip 1: Deliver an impressive media message

- Insert visual effects, text, banner designs, logos into the livestream

- Design suitable livestream background, sync color and message

- Include more minigames and gifts during the sale

- Use professional livestream tools and broadcast simultaneously in many places

Tip 2: Create unique live stream scripts

Make your sale live stream a unique highlight among countless live broadcasts by offering promotions:

- Discount for customers who like and share the live stream

- Those who order right on the live stream will get double discount

- Special offer for those who tag friends to watch the live stream

- Support shipping fee

- Make the announcement: "The more interactions you make, the higher the offer you get" so that people are more motivated to comment on the live stream

Tip 3: Broadcast the live stream simultaneously on Facebook, Youtube, Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, v.v

The more customers you reach, the larger the number of orders. With GoStudio, you can broadcast live streams on e-commerce platforms, Facebook groups and pages, Youtube channels and many other platforms (using RTMP links).

If you have any questions about promotions or product features, please contact GoStudio fanpage for instant replies!


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