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Creating facebook livestream with GoStudio is extremely easy and effective, serving many different goals of users. In today's article, let's explore the components of the livestream management interface, how to start a livestream with GoStudio, and some effective live streaming tips!


GoStudio livestream management interface

Make a livestream show - extremely simple with GoStudio tool. You can customize the display of the livestream professionally while still save a lot of time and effort in editing.


create livestream

To livestream on facebook using GoStudio, you first need to log in and link GoStudio to the Facebook account that you will use to livestream. Then, select “Create livestream” on the toolbar at the left side of the screen. Here you will have 2 options:

  • Create new project: You enter project information including Name of project, Type of project (horizontal screen for viewing interface of livestream on laptop, friendly vertical screen for livestream viewer on mobile phone)
  • Select the previously saved Project to edit it accordingly.

After selecting the project, you can see GoStudio's livestream management interface. Let's learn the steps to set up the display for a livestream before starting to broadcast on Facebook!

GoStudio livestream management software

If you are looking for a live stream software support editing that allows you to display the content on the livestream screen at will, GoStudio can do it even while the live stream is playing.


The components of the interface include:

  •  Layers column: In this section, you can freely add or remove layers depending on your livestream purpose. Choose whether the layers will be visible or invisible to the user, the layer in front or behind, etc. and all changes will be displayed on the display screen.
  • The display screen will continuously update the adjustments in the Layers column, and allows you to arrange the position of the layers, the size to be large and small on the livestream screen.
  • Scenes manipulation: a perfect livestream script will include many different sequential scenes displayed. You will select and customize the display of each scene on the display screen.
  • Scene switch and Quickly scene switch: when “Quickly scene switch” is turned on, any changes on the display and scene transitions will be updated to the livestream. If “Quickly scene switch” is turned off, you'll have to manually switch scenes using the “Send to live” button.
  • Livestream preview screen: is a small screen located in the lower right corner of the interface, following the livestream preview screen will help you control the progress of the livestream as well as tracking the changes displayed on the viewer's livestream.
  • Start streaming: After creating an attractive livestream script and completing the preparation on the Scenes. Select the button “Start streaming” to start broadcasting the livestream.

How to go live on facebook using GoStudio

Broadcast facebook livestream with GoStudio with very simple operations, after being satisfied with the settings on the scenes. You choose “Start streaming”, a table of playback options will appear with the information as below.


livestream facebook

  • How to post: can post livestream only with GoStudio software or can optionally combine with other livestream softwares (Vmix, OBS)
  • Account: select a facebook account in which you want to post the livestream. Note that this account is linked to GoStudio. If not, select “Add new account” to link the account.

(Also in the Account section, you can choose Self-configuration (post a livestream on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Tiki, Lazada or stream with RTMP link)

  • Destination: After selecting the account, the Destination frame will appear with livestream destination options (post to Facebook timeline, post to Pages or post to Facebook Group)
  • Title and Content: this is an indispensable part when setting up a livestream.
  • Resolution: depending on the registered package, you can choose the resolution from 480p, 720p or 1080p
  • Maximum bandwidth: this parameter is defaulted to auto, users usually will not adjust this parameter.

After completing the selection of Account and Destination on facebook, click “Add destination” so that the system remembers this choice. In addition, you can broadcast live on multiple places at the same time with GoStudio's multi-stream feature, by continuing to enter information and selecting the second destination or more.


live stream on multi-destination

Finally, remember to fill in the required information such as Title and Content of livestream, tick the option “I agree with the terms of service” and start the live stream.

Select suitable live stream channels

To create effects from facebook livestream, in addition to building attractive content, the selection of posting channels also helps to select the audience and reach more target audiences.

Therefore, you should only choose the suitable livestream channels and the right target audience to ensure the effectiveness of the livestream. For example, with livestream on facebook, you can choose to livestream to groups that have good interaction or have a need to buy. Then, the conversion rate from viewer into buyer will be higher and better quality.

How to live stream effectively when selling online on Facebook

Currently, there are many software supporting livestream. In addition, livestream services are also gradually becoming popular: live streaming set rental, livestream equipment rental, livestream room rental, livestream sample rental,... All creating a new ecosystem in the chain of "money-making" businesses in Vietnam.

It means that live streaming is gradually becoming a new trend in the future, playing a big role in boosting sales and maintaining businesses. So how to become a pioneer of this new trend, how to live stream sales effectively?

Use GoStudio with many built-in features in just one application, making online sales go more smoothly.

Multi-camera Livestream with GoStudio

Multi-camera Livestream allows users to connect with friends when inviting them to participate in the same livestream, and can form a livestream group from two people (double livestream) to 5 people in a livestream.

To increase the credibility of the sales livestream, live people can use this feature to invite old customers to participate in and share their experiences. This way will greatly increase the trust of customers with products and brands.

Insert text into the livestream

The written call to action message makes the livestream professional, eye-catching, and helps convey a strong call-to-action message. Adding effects such as running animated text, changing the background color, changing the font color and choosing an arbitrary font, .. all help attract customers' eyes and make the livestream more vivid.

Livestream multiple frames at the same time

When livestreaming multiple frames at the same time, users can freely create multi-featured livestreams. Interacting with customers, displaying products, displaying information and calling to buy, ... it's extremely convenient and versatile for online sellers with just one application.

livestream many frames

Screen recording function

Using the screen recording feature is also a new point when livestreaming for sales and interacting with users. You can use this feature in a discount program, instruct users to use promotional codes, or instruct how to order on the website, etc. Applying your creativity to use this feature will help refresh your livestream, change to become professional and not boring in the eyes of customers.

Those are the features you can use to create a highlight for the livestream, or you can also combine them together into a perfect and attractive livestream scenario. So, how to combine these features, let's follow and find out through the next GoStudio article!


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