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Welcome to GoStudio version 4.0

On August 2nd, 2021, GoStudio will launch the official version of GoStudio Version 4.0, update more features and optimize based on previous GoStudio versions.

In this new version, you can completely use GoStudio simply and easily, because the highest goal that the GoStudio team aims at is to optimize the user experience and always improve the product to get better every day.

Now, to experience this version soon, visit the link: https://Ver 4.0.gostudio.co/

Optimal points compared to previous versions

This version of GoStudio Ver 4.0 is developed on the basis of all the features of V3, developed to be perfect and optimize the user experience.

Professional interface easy to use

The GoStudio Ver 4.0 interface has been optimized to be easier to use. The features are reasonably distributed, easier to find and easier to edit than the old version.

Giao diện gostudio ver 4.0 chuyên nghiệp dễ sử dụng

Improved important features

Previously features have improved to become more complete, allowing users to easily customize, freely create and manage layers quickly and achieve high efficiency.

Fix the bug of the old version

In the GoStudio V3 version, there are still many inconveniences for users, such as when livestreaming on Youtube, you have to delete and re-add the Youtube channel, this step is extremely time consuming. However, in the GoStudio Ver 4.0 version, you do not need to re-add the destinations as before, just set up the livestream and broadcast it.


Khắc phục lỗi của phiên bản cũ

Rearrange navigation buttons/commands to make them more reasonable and easier to use.

In addition, GoStudio Ver 4.0's livestream information transmission speed is also faster than previous versions. At the same time, ensuring personalization when creating a livestream, you can freely edit the details without being bound by the available template, simple and easy editing.

Update with new features

GoStudio Ver 4.0 updates with many extremely handy features, making it easy to set up an effective and professional livestream without taking much time:

Add shapes

This feature allows users to add shapes such as square, circle, triangle. Serving for simpler livestream design, no need to pre-design images and add them like before.

Gostudio ver 4.0 có tính năng thêm khối

Besides, for each shape we can change the horizontal and vertical ratio. For example, from a square to a rectangle, or a circle to an ellipse, it is extremely diverse. Add a few clicks and you can customize both transparency and color as you want.

Grouping layers

This feature will be very useful when users want to change the color or move multiple layers at the same time. You can merge optional layers into the same group (a general layer) and freely manipulate this general layer without having to select many separated layers over and over.

Gostudio ver 4.0 có tính năng gộp layers

Add a smooth skin filter

Updated from other beauty applications, GoStudio Ver 4.0 has now added a filter to smooth and brighten the skin, help users become more confident when speaking in front of the camera, creating a livestream is perfect in form and professional in content.

GoStudio ver 4.0 - thêm tính năng làm đẹp, mịn da

Adding filters and smoothing the skin face helps you get the best image, overcomes the camera's shortcomings, and can corner and add effects as you like.

Remove fonts (remove background)

Along with the filter feature, GoStudio Ver 4.0 has also updated the font removal feature when live streaming. From now on, users do not need to worry that their background is not professional when live streaming anymore because GoStudio Ver 4.0 will resolve it.

With this feature, users can delete the background and insert arbitrary frames to suit the needs and purposes of the livestream.

Guest invitation feature

Developed and improved from the guest invite feature of the old version, in this Ver 4.0 version, GoStudio is confident to bring you a completely new experience when using. You can optionally insert the guest camera anywhere on the livestream screen, or you can use our invitation designs.

With extremely flexible customization capabilities, you can edit the livestream layout as you like and create your own styles, creating a stronger impression in the eyes of customers.

Save the livestream destination

Usually when live streaming, to have a large number of viewers, we have to maintain the livestream continuously and periodically to create a habit for viewers. At the same time, maintaining a livestream to interact with customers or give gifts will also create an attraction effect to get more new customers.

Gostudio ver 4.0 - Lưu đích livestream

In the old version of GoStudio, we had to manually select the livestream destination every time before broadcasting, which leads to consuming unnecessary time.

Sửa nơi đăng đã lưu trên GoStudio ver 4.0

In this new version Ver 4.0, customers can use GoStudio completely quickly because it has added the Saved destination feature. Support to save all livestream destinations, no need to choose again and again whenever you livestream. It's so convenient and saves a lot of time, isn't it?

Notes when using GoStudio Ver 4.0

GoStudio Ver 4.0 is a new, improved version to become more optimized for users. However, once you get used to the old V3 operations, you may need to start again with GoStudio Ver 4.0.

But this familiarization process will not take much time, because Ver 4.0 is developed based on the V3 platform, so the layout of components and order of features are not much different from the old version. 

In addition, GoStudio Ver 4.0 learns and simulates professional photo editing software to improve the product towards the user experience. For users who are familiar with photo editing software such as Photoshop, AI, it will be no stranger to the Ver 4.0 livestream editing interface, so the familiarization phase also becomes easier.


GoStudio encourages all customers to experience the new version of Ver 4.0 early, to enjoy many updated useful features and a more comprehensive livestream setup experience.

Please use both Versions in parallel to gradually get used to the changes of the software. By August 2, GoStudio will update Ver 4.0 to replace the current V3, aiming to better serve customers and bring the best quality of service and products to customers.

GoStudio Team.

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