Payment Instructions

In order to use advanced features of GoStudio, you need to upgrade data package. GoStudio will instruct you how to upgrade a package and purchase on GoStudio website.

Payment process

After signing up a GoStudio account, your initial package is Free with basic features to create an interactive livestream. In order to expand more advanced features, which professionalize your livestream, you enter Package section and select suitable packages relying on your purpose.     

Currently, GoStudio has 3 basic packages: Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

Each package has different specifications and price which is suitable for different using purposes. After choosing one, you click on Upgrade now and start to pay.

If these basic packages are till not meet your demand, you can click on Self-config package button and set your own package, then pay as offered price.

As soon as GoStudio receive your payment notification, system will automatically activate Package.

Payment methods

There are 4 payment methods on GoStudio:

1. Payment via Visa, MasterCard, or JCBStep 1: On GoStudio payment interface, choose "ATM / Visa / Master card"
Step 2: Click "Next"
Step 3: Choose Visa, MasterCard, or JCB
Step 4: Fill all information and click "Confirm"

2. Payment via Internet Banking:

(Note: Before processing payment by this method, you need to own a Vietnam domestic banking account or have a Vietnam credit card, and register Internet Banking service)

Step 1: On payment interface of GoStudio, choose "Internet Banking" tab
Step 2: Then, open your Online Banking app, create a transaction and transfer money to this following account:

- Account number: 0101001189195 
- Bank branch: Vietcombank Nghe An
- Transfer content: read step 3 to understand more

Step 3: Get back to GoStudio payment interface, click "Next", you'll be provided a number code, copy this and paste into "Transfer content" on Internet Banking interface.

The structure of transfer content is: [go****] (4 numbers in the end)
Exact transfer to each cent, correct entry of content without voluntary adding, editing, or deleting
Missing transfers are not upgraded, excess transfers lose 10% processing fee

3. Payment via PayPal

(Note: In order to pay via this method, you need a Paypal account which is link to your credit card. Or you can sign up a new account and link to Paypal at:

Step 1: On GoStudio payment interface, choose Paypal
Step 2: Click "Buy Now" to access Paypal payment interface
Step 3: Type email or phone number to log in

When you choose PayPal method, we have 2 different ways:
- Deduction directly in PayPal account
- Deduction in your credit card or debit card linking to PayPal account 

Step 4: Fill all required information

4. Account balance in GoStudio wallet

In stead of paying directly via 1 of 3 above methods, you can use GoStudio wallet to save time - top up once to pay many times. First, you Top up wallet via 3 above methods with a specific amount, then use this to purchase package:

Step 1: On GoStudio payment interface, choose "Your wallet"
Step 2: Click on "Next" to complete paymentBấm These are all relating to payment on GoStudio. If you still have question or need support in payment step, please contact GoStudio supporting team at: 
Wish you have the best experience with GoStudio.

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