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Gostudio - Professional interactive live stream platform, turn your live stream into a spectacular show!

Introduction video

Gostudio - An effective Live streaming Solution

Provide you with the most professional support features but the simplest interface so that anyone who are not good at techinology can use it.

Livestream on multiple platforms

  • Livestream on all of popular social media sites: Facebook, Live, Youtube, Twitter,..
  • Support multiple cameras through a wireless network with beautiful images and low latency
  • Allow users live many streams at the same time

Create a live interview - talk show

  • Allow users to share computer screen to livestream to make a realistic feeling
  • Provide unique and novel features such as giving gifts on livestream, dialing, comment statistics ...
  • High resolution images

Easy to customize livestream settings

  • Easy to use, don't need to install software
  • Compatible with any device having Internet connection and camera
  • Create your own scripts and copious content for livestream

Insert many frames into livestream

  • Can choose and add any frame in order to attract viewers
  • Personalized picture frames
  • Build a professional style and increase interaction

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