Quick registration, minimalistic interface, easily usage


Branding yourself especially with the world's first interactive game store in the HD live stream


Get views quickly, call viewers to like, share positively

Livestream vividly with 2 screens

Apply multi-presenter live-stream feature for E-learning or even in an online event
Especially: Screen sharing feature well supports webinars, training and teaching courses, freely edit video!!

Sell more products

Broadcast live-stream on multiplatform: Facebook, Youtube,... and e-commerce platforms to reach more customers.
Features assist selling: synchronize with Sapo/Haravan stock, auto reply placed order messages on Livestream.

Call to action to like, share in a new way

Freely change message and image as you want to call action. Add in and maintain it throughout live-stream
Insert image, video and sound to make your live-stream become more attractive and vivid.

Get closer to more viewers with interactive game store

Interactive game store to organize on live-stream with many interesting games: Guess the word, mysterious number sequence, what is the price,... released for the first time!
Attract interactivity intensely by many supporting features: free game with gifts, pin comment, filter comment, lucky draw,... bring an irresistible attraction!

Improve brand identity effectively

Insert pictures, images to make your live-stream become more attactive and vivid. Show up your brand imprint cleverly and professionally.
Design attractive gifts, images which are suitable with your brand style and customer insight.

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