The most simple way to create professional and effective live streams

Interactive gaming, screen sharing, multiple sources streaming, online interviews, branding your streams, and much more in GoStudio. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. » detailed video «



Quick registration, minimalistic interface, easily usage

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Branding yourself especially with the world's first interactive game store in the HD live stream

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Get views quickly, call viewers to like, share positively

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Online interviews - attract viewers effectively

Interviews using GoStudio make the live stream more vivid than ever
You and your guests easily ask, answer and communicate on the same screen, with multiple frames displayed at the same time

Get more views quickly and steadily

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Stream to multiple platforms simultaneously: Facebook, Youtube, etc. to increase views quickly
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You can easily add interesting materials to keep viewers engaged for longer, and to sell more goods
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Playing with your audience - keep interacting

Enjoying the first interactive game store in the world: chasing words, mysterious numbers, guess the price, and more
You always attract viewers, and make them keep theirs eyes at your streams

Calling your audience to take action in an impressive new way

Keeping your like and share invitation on the screen, urge your audiences to think “let’s like, let’s share!!"
You just need to type out the text and click only once

Branding yourself especially

The live stream with your impressive identities and unique personal brand will make viewers remember forever
With GoStudio, in just 2 simple steps, you can professionally insert logos, colors, images, and videos into livestreams

Don’t wait longer,
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