Process of service provision on website

The provision of Service on Website GoStudio is conducted through the following steps:

Step 1: Customer selects the desired Package and completes the payment for GoStudio according to the Payment Instructions shown on Website GoStudio.

Step 2: Immediately after the receipt of notice of Customer\'s payment, Website GoStudio shall activate the Customer\'s Package. Accordingly, Customer can use the features corresponding to the Package that they have paid.

In case of delay in providing services, GoStudio shall promptly notify Customer and create opportunities for Customer to cancel the contract if desired.

For example: If Customer uses the “Personal" Package, Customer shall enjoy the features: 15 live/day; 3 lives at the same time; Maximum 2 hours/live

Step 3: The parties perform the contract. In case of any claims, issues needing information/handling, Customer calls/chat/emails GoStudio at the GoStudio hotline/fanpage/email shown on the home page of Website GoStudio, GoStudio shall handle such claim/issue in accordance with the policies and regulations of Website GoStudio.

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