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Create a Flash-Sale Livestream script to close thousands of orders thanks to GoStudio

The secret of fast sales on live stream depends mainly on controlling viewers' emotions, creating a "scarcity" mentality that makes them "hunt" for the item they are selling. To do this, we need to sell an item at a very low price and in a very small quantity, then we can return to selling at the original price in bulk. This method saving costs and being effective in stimulating demand and attracting buyer interaction is called Flash Sale on Livestream by "professional livestreamers".

The benefits that GoStudio's Flash Sale feature brings

According to statistics, in Vietnam every month there are more than 2.5 million sales livestream sessions per month, with the participation of about 50,000 product suppliers. Correspondingly, there are about 70,000 - 80,000 livestream sales sessions in Vietnam every day.

With the fact that sales livestream is increasingly popular, to sell effectively and retain viewers on the livestream we need to use a new "weapon" appearing on the current livestream, which is Flash Sale:

  • Help sellers create a scarcity of products and stimulate the "can't miss" psychology of buyers.
  • Help raise the sales brand when buyers have to watch out for livestream time frames to buy goods with the best price.
  • Create a sales boom because of the spillover effect - customers are excited to share with their close friends to buy at a discounted price

Understanding and capturing this need of individuals and sales businesses, GoStudio has launched a feature to support Flash Sale programs take place transparently, and fully automatically. Let's learn the extremely simple steps to use this feature:

How to use GoStudio's Flash Sale feature

To use this feature, you must first update the products you intend to sell to the GoStudio Product List.

Then at the List Product interface, select the “Create Flash Sale” or go to the link https://app.gostudio.co/flash-sale to start setting up a discount program in a snap.


Step 1: At the “Create Flash Sale” interface, select “Create new” to start setting up a Flash Sale program for any product.

Step 2: Please select a product you want to create a Flash Sale promotion in the right column. The system will display the product information you have selected, then you can adjust this information as you like.

Step 3: In the Discount configuration section, you can Add a discount configuration with information such as: Sale price, quantity of products you want to sell at that price and how long to wait for an order. You can add discount configurations as many as you want, or delete them.

As the information on the picture, you can understand as:

  • Sell with price of 100k for 10 products within the first 10 seconds
  • After that, the system will automatically switch to price of 150k for 15 products in the next 15 seconds
  • Finally, the system will sell for 200k for 20 products in the next 20 seconds.

You can also adjust the order closing message template sent to customers when customers comment with the correct syntax of the order. After the adjustment is completed, select “Save“.

After saving, you can access to edit this sale campaign or delete it. Note that each campaign only offers one product discount. If you want to discount multiple products on a single livestream for sales, you can create multiple discount campaigns.

Step 4: After configuring the discount campaign for the products you want to sell, you select “Create livestream” in the left toolbar of GoStudio or visit this link https://app.gostudio.co/projects and proceed to create a sales livestream.

Add a “Discount List” item as shown in the photo.

Step 5: Choose a product to “Add livestream

After selecting a product, the system will display a frame with information such as time, price and buyer, you can customize the size and position of this frame. In addition, you should insert product illustrations to make it more eye-catching or insert videos and camera to make the sales livestream more vivid.

Once ready to sell, you post livestream to optional platforms according to the video tutorial: [Episode 24: GoStudio for beginner] - EASILY STREAM ON FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE SIMULTANEOUSLY

When you want to start Flash Sale, you select the “Start Flash Sale” button in the left corner of the layer so that the system will automatically record orders.

Step 6: During the livestream, you can also update Flash Sale information on the livestream creation interface.

You select Update Flash Sale (gear icon), a menu will appear with information about prices so you can optionally edit or add, delete prices if necessary.

That's how to set up a Flash Sale program right on the livestream. Extremely simple and easy to operate, right?

Notes when installing Flash Sale on GoStudio

Note when setting Flash Sale price

For each Flash Sale price setting, you have the option of adding or not adding time.

Such as the example in the photo, with a price of 20k for a product and sell to the first 3 people to order. The seller has not set a booking time, so this 20k price will be applied until all 3 products have been sold, then the system will move to the next price.

In case the seller wants to change to the original price during the livestream, he/she can select the “Pause” button in the left corner - the system will stop recording orders. Then select “Update Flash Sale” to change the desired price.

After updating the new price, the seller selects the “Start Flash Sale” button in the left corner and continues selling.

After selling the correct quantity as set, the system will automatically move to the next price until a Flash Sale is completed.

Notes on how Flash Sale works

Each participating customer can only buy maximum one Flash Sale product - for any item. If the customer switches to a different product at another Flash Sale, the customer can purchase another product.


With the T-shirt sale program, customers can buy only one T-shirt at a discounted price during the Flash Sale.

The seller then continues to Flash Sale another item, a Dress, then this customer can continue to buy a Dress at a discounted price while the promotion is in progress.

Those are the salient features of the Flash Sale feature and how to apply this feature in your livestream. If you have any new ways to apply, please share with GoStudio!

Hope you are succesful.

GoStudio Team.


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