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What is the most effective way to sell through livestream today? How to increase sales through livestream but still save costs? How to sell products on livestream professionally while still ensuring friendliness and communication with customers? Those are expensive questions that the seller has to go through the process of researching and trying many solutions before getting a final answer.

GoStudio has worked with many clients and understands those concerns. We hope this article can help you find the right, economical and effective ways to support your livestream sales.

How to livestream for sales effectively with GoStudio

Experience the livestream integrated with the full suite of sales features of the GoStudio. When starting from groups for sales or in livestream sales communities, making a difference is a vital condition to make customers remember your brand and business. The neat and novel livestream form is also a unique factor that creates sympathy with customers.

To sell on livestream with GoStudio, you first need:

Add products to List Product


In this interface, you can link to Haravan, Sapo warehouses

When using the GoStudio software to link warehouses from Haravan and Sapo, users can get product information from these two warehouses and add the necessary information including images, names, product quantities, codes of product and selling price.



Or if you don't have an account in the two sales platforms above, you can still add products at the GoStudio interface. Just click “Create New” and enter the necessary information about the product and you are done!

At the same time, users can customize automatic notification messages - successful order notifications when customers comment with the correct order syntax.

Show products on livestream

Experience for effective livestream on Shopee shows that users will interact more with sellers when they know a lot of information about products. And putting product information next to the product in text form, or the seller explains it orally will bring a very good interactive effect.

Let's start creating a livestream showing products with the necessary information - from the data entered in the List Product. Just go back to the Create livestream interface and select “Sell” and then “List product”.

Then select a product that you want to sell on the livestream, then adjust the position and size of the layer display on the screen and you're done. Remember to choose an effective live broadcast time frame (such as 11:30 am or 8:30 pm) to reach more customers! 

QR Code

This feature creates a code to redirect to the donate page that allows customers to support the streamer according to the value of the Code (the streamer can customize the donation value for each code).

Viewers only need to scan the code and make the money transfer order, GoStudio will aggregate the funds in the livestream and transfer to the user's wallet. Users can use this money to buy interfaces from the store or upgrade packages and use many other benefits from GoStudio.

Automatically close orders

The GoStudio software will automatically close the order via inbox after the customer comments to order according to the available syntax, making the livestream sales operation more efficient and time-saving than the conventional method. With this feature, the streamer can optimize customer care time as well as control the remaining quantity of goods even during the livestream.

Automatic order notification

For each successful order, the system will automatically deduct the corresponding quantity that the customer has ordered, and will display a message with the specific content of announcing the name of the customer, the name and quantity of the ordered item.

This feature will help sellers manage orders easily and intuitively, and at the same time create a "fear of missing out", fear of running out of stock, and motivate them to buy faster.

Create great sales mini games

An indispensable effective sales livestream strategy is mini-games that attract attention from customers. At the same time, the mini-games that are perfect in form and coherent in content also help customers have good impressions of brands and organizations.

Firstly, please choose to buy game samples from the Store of interface.

Select and view any game. If you are satisfied with that minigame interface, select Buy now.

After purchasing, you can edit it to suit the purpose of the livestream or you can design your own game interface!

In addition, supporter for mini games is the feature that allows users to freely manipulate the comments below the livestream. Includes features like:

Show comment chain

In addition, GoStudio provides a feature to display the comment chain of livestream viewers. You can choose to display it automatically or manually before displaying it to avoid the uncontrolled situation of rude information appearing on the livestream screen.

This feature will be an effective supporter when viewers and livestreamers can interact with each other, livestreamers will not miss any exchange questions or product information consultation opportunities, and viewers also will limit the rudeness in the sentence when seeing their comment displayed on the livestream screen with the name and avatar.

Live comment statistics

In addition to the two extremely useful features above, GoStudio can also statistics comments on the livestream in the optional time. For example, in a game, we can count how many people answer correctly, how many people choose wrong answers, etc. Or conduct a survey in that game to understand the thoughts and feelings or even deepest desires of customers. As a result, sellers will have ways to improve product and service quality to bring a good experience to customers, as well as make livestream sales more effective and professional.

Filter comments

With the automatic filtering and reporting of mini game results, live users can filter all comments or filter comments during the countdown, which is extremely convenient when implementing sales livestream scenarios that require minigames to attract interaction.

Lucky draw

Finally, there is a lucky draw feature based on the viewer's comment results. When there are too many participants answer correctly, but there is only one reward, what should we do?

Don't worry, use GoStudio's lucky draw feature to choose a player who answers correctly and is the luckiest. The dialing is completely random and customers will still be happy with the clear and transparent dialing results displayed on the livestream screen.

Broadcast livestream on multiple destinations at the same time

With this feature, sellers only need to perform setup operations and spend time livestreaming once.

Then select and post to many effective livestream sales channels such as e-commerce platforms (Shopee, Lazada, Tiki) or groups and fanpages under the management of sellers.

Sales livestream services

If you are not confident enough to conduct your own livestream, sellers can choose sales support services to save time and achieve high efficiency.

Currently, there are many businesses that have cooperated with GoStudio and provide sales livestream rental services, more specifically they will create customized livestreams on demand and take full advantage of the features that GoStudio provides.

In addition, there is a service that is used a lot today, which is to rent a group of livestream for sales. After selecting the target audience as well as the appropriate fanpage and groups, the seller will negotiate with the group administrators to hire the group for 1-3 hours and broadcast the livestream in the group. Reaching the right target audience will help increase the conversion rate from research to purchase, and sales will also be improved.


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