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Get more creative with interactive livestreams by using GoStudio

Interactive live streaming is an emerging trend and promises to bring many benefits which is extremely suitable for many objects such as: online sales, online training, online teaching,....

Interactive livestream - the emerging trend of live streaming in Vietnam

Livestream entered a new stage of development, becoming popular and the form of livestream was also improved to become more professional. In fact, in front of too many livestreams on social networks, it will be difficult for users to distinguish sharing channels or sales brands on livestream.

Therefore, a livestream with reciprocal interaction will be a prominent highlight in the customer's mind, and at the same time easier to distinguish from other brands.

The content creation community often worry when prepare for face-to-face sessions with viewers. There are many questions that arise:

How to attract many people to watch livestream?

How to convey the brand's message consistently without being boring?

How to leave a good impression in the eyes of viewers?

Making a livestream script is difficult, turning that scenario into a complete livestream is even harder. How to motivate customers to take action without repeating boring messages?

Not only the content creation community, many people when working with editing software when livestreaming on social networking platforms have these concerns.

Currently, interactive live streaming is an option that many individuals and organizations are interested in, because the effect it brings is really superior to other conventional forms of transmission.

So how to conduct an effective interactive livestream? Let's take a look at the measures to make your livestream more prominent thanks to the GoStudio livestream management and initialization tool.

Initialize livestream for event, gameshow

With the GoStudio application, users can completely create interactive events to increase livestream interaction between streamers and viewers, between businesses and customers, between members in a meeting...

The way to do it is extremely easy, you just need to go to GoStudio's interface store and choose a minigame show that you like. Pay to buy it with the amount in the GoStudio wallet.

After payment is completed, you return to the interface to create a live stream project and proceed to edit. After completing the initialization stage, you are ready for an effective and exciting livestream.

By applying the mini-game creation feature on GoStudio's livestream to create cool game shows such as Picture to word, Who is a millionaire, etc.. you can increase user interaction and make your livestream more attractive.

In these gameshows, you can add a countdown timer feature to increase the dramatic atmosphere when playing the game. Select the winner to receive a gift by manipulating livestream comments and announcing the results right on the livestream screen.

Increase live stream engagement with comment chains

Live stream users, especially supporters, will be extremely excited to be able to access the display on the live livestream screen, such as displaying comments on the livestream, making livestream effects appear (gift giving feature),... In addition, when displaying comments directly on the livestream screen, the streamer can also be easier to follow the audience's effects, as well as not miss any questions coming from the viewer.

This feature not only helps streamers display viewers' comments on the livestream, but it can also filter inappropriate comments by manual or automatic selection to avoid unwanted content appearing on the livestream.

Filter comments on livestream

With the series of mini game shows on the livestream with many viewers, there will certainly be many comments are correct answer, how to choose the viewer who answers correctly and quickly?

You can completely use GoStudio's comment filter tool, which will compile a list of viewers giving correct answers sorted by the time the comment was posted. The viewer at the top of the list is the fastest who answers correctly.

Make the wheel of fortune

In addition, you can use the Lucky Dial tool to choose one of the luckiest players who have correct answers to receive a prize. This dialing feature works completely randomly and transparently, so it will make the livestream scenario interesting.

Players also happily accepted the results of the Lucky Dial without any complaints. In addition, this feature also helps to raise the player's morale, motivate players to actively participate in answering the next questions of the game show.

Livestream multiple frames

Create a live stream as you like with the multi-frame live stream feature. You can insert many features at the same time into a livestream display screen such as inserting text, inserting video, inserting images, audio, ... and arrange these features so that they are reasonable and eye-catching.

An interactive live stream is a live stream that has a well-formed format, a well-directed livestreamer, a coherent script, and uses a professional livestream creation toolkit. You can optionally customize your live stream, highlight your brand's signature and insert attractive games in the sales scenario.

The message repeated over and over on the livestream

Making a livestream game show with many interactive comments is extremely easy with GoStudio's features such as: automatically replying to comments on the livestream, inserting text into the livestream, effects during the livestream, etc,..which help enhance the atmosphere of the livestream.

You can insert background images, illustrations, logos when live streaming on facebook, insert background frames and even insert animated images (gif) into your livestream to make your livestream fun and lively- depending on your style and the goal you are aiming at.

Insert both video and audio into the livestream, why not? With GoStudio you can truly insert Youtube videos or videos uploaded from your computer and create new colors for your livestream.

Don't miss the messages calling for engagement, such as like Facebook pinned in the comments section or right below the livestream. Use the Pin comments feature to pin messages that need repeating over and over - motivating customers to do it in a stronger way.

Invite guests to join the livestream

With the invite guests feature, you can create a live interactive session with your audience. Instead of having only one streamer is in charge of leading the audience and reading the interactive comments below. Now, with GoStudio's double and triple livestream feature - you can completely organize live conversations and interviews on livestream.

You can not only innovate the way to display livestream and interact with users better but also meet the change of atmosphere throughout the livestream with new faces. At the same time, it stimulates viewers to interact more to have the opportunity to appear together on the livestream screen. So attractive and convenient, right?

Record unique live streams

For your favorite livestreams with a pretty good interaction rate from viewers, you can choose to record them in video format. Take advantage of these videos to promote on social networking platforms, or edit and cut to create content to post on your channel. Communicate and spread positive value to more viewers, increase credibility and find more potential viewers.

Show your eloquence and humor through fun and entertaining livestreams when interacting with friends. With a full set of tools from GoStudio, you can truly innovate continuously, freely "trying out" the new styles that you desire.


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