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The prolonged stressful situation of the Covid-19 epidemic will be a condition to develop the current trend of online teaching, which helps both save time and open up a new form of learning that is extremely convenient and suitable for many ages.

Actual situation in online teaching today

The current situation of online teaching shows that this will be a strong trend, or may develop into a new form of blended teaching in the future. Even when the threat of the pandemic is gone and everyone returns to the old rhythm of life.

Currently, there are many online teaching software that allow teachers to impart knowledge through electronic channels or websites. Lessons on this platform are mainly stored in the form of video recordings of lectures, images, documents shared for students who have registered accounts.

However, not all teachers can access the above online teaching software. Depending on the lecture requirements and the level of information security, teachers and instructors will use their own and different online teaching methods.

Managing online teaching on livestream is now easier with GoStudio - a sales support toolkit with extreme features:

Double-camera Livestream

To improve the quality of online teaching, you can use the feature of inviting guests to join the livestream of Gostudio. Forms of examination at the beginning of the lesson, quick knowledge test, answering difficult questions or speaking in front of a crowd, .. If you know how to combine it with the double livestream or triple livestream feature of Gostudio will help learning and teaching activities become more exciting and engaging.

Insert video and audio images texts into the livestream

With this feature, teachers can freely insert references, illustrations, news videos or knowledge sharing, ... on the livestream screen. With a similar interface, teachers can completely manipulate the livestream screen as a Powerpoint presentation interface. Create a sense of convenience and ease of use.

In addition, do not forget that an effective measure to improve the quality of the livestream is to invest in professional live streaming equipment such as: livestream  lights, micro livestream, ... to get a perfect livestream as you want.

Screen recorder

With this feature, teachers can prepare online lesson plans in advance using powerpoint, then share the screen for students to see. Or upload to a data source and guide students to download assignments, submit assignments, for example.

In addition, the screen recording feature is also very useful in case, teaching professional expertise, using a new device, application or software. Training via Facebook is both convenient for learners and popular - sharing value for the whole community.

Live stream to Facebook group

Teaching online via Facebook is an extremely effective and easy way to manipulate, as well as easily reach the audiences are students. This Facebook platform can be applied to many different subjects, with many different teaching methods.

Especially, when teaching a specific audience, users can create a private group and livestream on that group. The advantage of this form is that there is no limit to the number of members participating and viewing the session, which can be up to thousands of people depending on the size of the organization.

The disadvantage of livestreaming on groups is that with a large number of viewers and constant comments, it will be difficult for the streamer to follow the class situation closely as well as easily miss the viewers' questions.

Don't worry, using GoStudio to livestream to Facebook groups, and display viewers' comments on the livestream screen, with excellent comment filtering features will support online teaching and learning sessions on Facebook comprehensively and effectively.

Optimal points when teaching on livestream

For the teachers and trainers who have a lot of experience in teaching online or proficiently use online teaching software, in order to complete a good and enthusiastic lecture, in addition to the content of the lesson, how to apply the learned knowledge in practice, .. the supporting features of the platform are also essential to transmit knowledge in the easiest way to understand and remember.

The best thing about livestreaming teaching on facebook with GoStudio is that you can save the lecture in video format, and use this video to re-broadcast on groups for students to review old knowledge, or for students to post on material storage facilities for easier knowledge synthesis.

Game show on livestream

In addition to the above features, we must know a very unique and outstanding feature of GoStudio: creating mini games right on interactive livestream. With this feature, teachers and students can participate and interact with each other through games such as: Picture to word, Who is a millionaire, ... teaching online through games helps students become more excited.

Enhance the atmosphere in the livestream classroom and attract students to interact more, instead of the case where information is only communicated from one side without feedback.

Special points when teaching with GoStudio

A special feature that cannot be ignored when teaching online on GoStudio's livestream is that there is no need to use beauty apps when livestreaming on facebook. GoStudio has now added support for skin smoothing and brightening features, overcoming camera device defects, contributing to a perfect and professional livestream.

Gift giving feature

When teaching online via GoStudio's livestream, teachers can propose a new way to reward their students by using the gift giving feature.

With this feature, lecturers can set rewards according to different milestones. The remaining members of the class will participate in voting by commenting the keyword corresponding to the score during the examination or when answering difficult questions or in competitions between members.

Those are the basic tips on how to teach online on livestream with GoStudio. Once you get used to this application, you can fully use the feature in a customized way, use the software in all situations and use it more comprehensively.

In addition to the technology support of the GoStudio software to make a lecture livestream become attractive, the content of the lesson preparation as well as the way of information transmission and online teaching skills are also extremely important which influence effectiveness of a teaching livestream.

Cultivating and learning the secrets of online teaching from other teachers will help you improve the effectiveness of your livestream. At the same time, share the knowledge and instructions on how to teach online using tools to livestream on the group for other teachers also!


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