Policy on security of payment information

Last updated: 18/08/2022



Card payment system provided by payment intermediaries partners ("Payment Intermediary Partner") has been legally licensed to operate in Vietnam. Accordingly, the card payment security standards at the Website GoStudio ensures compliance with industry security standards. 



2.1. The policy of payment by international card and domestic card (internet banking) ensures compliance with the security standards of Payment Intermediary Partner, including:

  • Client's financial information shall be protected during transaction by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
  • Certified payment data security standard (PCI DSS) provided by Trustwave.
  • The feature of encoding international card numbers (Tokenization).
  • Information security principles and regulations in the banking and finance industry according to the regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam. 

2.2. Policy of security of payment transaction that Website GoStudio applies to Client:

  • Website GoStudio provides a token storage utility that only stores the encrypted strings by the Payment Intermediary Partner provided to Website GoStudio.
  • Website GoStudio does not directly store Client’s card information. The security of Client’s payment card information is performed by a licensed Payment Intermediary Partner.
  • For international cards: Client’s payment card information that can be used to establish transactions not saved on Website GoStudio. Payment Intermediary Partner shall store and secure.
  • For domestic cards (internet banking), Website GoStudio only stores order codes, transaction codes and bank names.

Website GoStudio commits to ensuring the strict implementation of the necessary security measures for all payments performed on Website GoStudio.



3.1. Concept and regulations of GOC account

a. The value and scope of GOC

  • GO COIN (abbreviated as GOC) is a payment method provided by GoStudio to users, to pay for services from GoStudio. When using GOC to purchase services from GoStudio, 1 GOC is equivalent to 1 Vietnam Dong (1 GOC = 1 Vietnam Dong).
  • GOC is only used to pay for services provided by GoStudio, on website https://gostudio.co/ and the GoStudio app (Android, iOS). Users cannot use GOC to pay for services from other businesses.
  • For accounts registered on GoStudio, GOC cannot be used to transfer, buy and sell between different individual accounts and cannot be exchanged for cash out of the account.

b. Types of GOC accounts

  • Main Account (MA): shows the amount of GOC generated during the deposit process. There is no limit on the number of GOCs in the main account.
  •  When using GOC to pay for services from GoStudio, the GOC will be deducted in MA .

3.2. Using GOC

a. Open a GOC account

  • The GOC account is connected to the customer's account on GoStudio.
  • Each individual account on GoStudio is only owned by a single user with the required information is a personal mobile phone number or email address. Users are encouraged to verify their phone number before starting to use GoStudio's services.
  • Opening a GoStudio account and GOC account is completely free for all user.

b. Terms of using GOC

  • Transactions in VND or GOC are recorded in “Transaction History”. Customers can go to the “Transaction history” page, then select the “GOC” section to check the details of GOC-related transactions (GOC recharge, GOC payment, etc.).
  • Services provided by GoStudio, whether paid in VND or GOC, are treated equally by the system, without discrimination when paid in GOC or Vietnam Dong.

c. Usage period and principles of GOC payment in accounts

  • Usage period of GOC in MA: no expiration date
  • GOC transactions include: (1) depositing GOC into MA; (2) use GOC to pay for GoStudio services.
  • GOC is used to pay for services provided by GoStudio.

d. GOC recharge packages:

+ Customers choose the amount to top up into GOC wallet and pay according to the instructions on the website

+ Fees arising from GOC top-up transaction (if any) shall be paid by the customer.

e. Methods of topping up GOC

All GOCs arising from GOC deposit transactions will be recorded in MA. Customers can top up GOC through the following methods:

   Domestic bank card (ATM)/Internet Banking: money will be deducted directly from customer's respective account. Depending on the requirements from different banks, the 3rd party system will ask customers to log in to their Internet Banking account or not. The requirement for customers to pay by this form is that the customer must register for Internet Banking with the respective bank.

  • International payment card (Visa/Master/JCB): money will be deducted directly from customer's card. Depending on the card type, customers will pay first (debit) or pay later (credit) to the respective bank.
  • Payment via e-wallet: money will be deducted directly from the customer's bank card that is linked to the e-wallet or to the customer's e-wallet balance
  • At transaction points/stores: customers can pay in cash at transaction points nationwide of Payoo or VN Pay.

f. GOC from promotion

Through promotions from GoStudio, customers will receive promotional GOC. Depending on the structure of each specific program, the number of GOCs received will vary. How to receive promotional GOC will also depend on the nature and operation of each promotion.

3.3. GoStudio's role for parties

a. The role of GoStudio

  • GoStudio is the party providing livestream services to customers, through GoStudio's online platforms (https://gostudio.co/; GoStudio apps on Android, iOS).
  • GoStudio provides a GOC Account so that customers can easily pay for support services on the GoStudio site.
  • For GOC charging methods, GoStudio works with partners to diversify payment methods for customers. GoStudio does not directly provide GOC charging services to customers.

b. For customers

  • The customer is the party that buys services from GoStudio to increase the efficiency of livestream activities on the customer's social networking site.
  • Customers purchase services directly from GoStudio, the costs for these services are paid through third parties under GoStudio's agreement.

c. For service providers

    -   A third party is a party that provides payment methods for GoStudio and users to pay for GoStudio's support services.

  • The third party providing the service is only responsible for the payment steps, has no role in the services provided by GoStudio.
  • Service providers can work with partners (eg Banks, Network Operators, Payment Points) to make payment easier and more convenient for customers.

3.4. Rights, responsibilities and obligations of the parties

a. For customers

  • Customer's Rights
  • Customers are entitled to register and open personal accounts with GoStudio. Each individual account will be tied to the corresponding GOC account. Customers can use GOC to pay for GoStudio services.
  • Customers are entitled to use third parties providing payment services to top up GOC into their account.
  • In case the customer does not want to pay by GOC, the customer can still choose the form of payment in Vietnam Dong (ATM, Internet banking, ...) to pay directly for the service, complying with the GoStudio's specific rules for each form of payment.
  •  Customers have the right to contact GoStudio for advice on services as well as to complain to Customer Care team if errors occur during the use of GOC.
  • Customers’s personal information are protected according to the "Information Security Policy" and the amendments and supplements of the regulations from time to time.
  • Customers have the right to request protection from competent authorities in the case of a dispute or lawsuit in accordance with the law.
  • Customer’s Responsibilities and Obligations
  • Customers are obliged to protect and be responsible for personal information, bank cards, international payment cards and account information, financial information associated with GoStudio.
  • Customers are not allowed to share account information with others, not to lend their accounts to others, or share accounts.
  • Notify GoStudio immediately in case one of the account information is leaked or when there are any changes in the customer's personal information.
  • Customers are responsible for complying with the provisions of current Vietnamese laws, regulations of the network operator, regulations of the bank along with other regulations of GoStudio as well as those of relevant third parties.
  • Coordinating with GoStudio and the authorities in case of investigation, or disputes occur between the parties.
  • Customer is responsible for all GOC transactions arising from his/her account. GoStudio will not refund transactions incurred by mistake or error on the part of the customer.
  • Use a domestic bank card (ATM card) and an online bank account to top up GOC but must be approved by the cardholder and must comply with each Bank's own regulations on conditions to use the online payment service by domestic bank card via Payment Gateway and “Payment Regulations of the Bank”.
  • Support to provide truthful, complete information and evidence requested from employees of GoStudio's Customer Care Department in case customers have questions and complaints related to the provision of GOC accounts by GoStudio.
  • Be responsible for actively contacting the Cardholder's Bank or Payment Gateway in case the Customer has paid with a domestic bank card (ATM card) and money has been deducted from the Bank account, but due to reasons generated by the Bank or the user, so the system cannot update this arising transaction. Customers are also encouraged to contact the Bank directly in case the customer is unable to make payment by ATM due to problems arising from the connection error between the customer and the Bank such as: network errors of the Bank or the customer (internet network is malfunctioning, the card issuer's system or the payment gateway's system is faulty, etc.), the customer does not meet the conditions to use the online payment service by domestic card via Payment Gateway, customer does not follow the “Payment Regulations of the Bank”, customer cancels the transaction or closes the browser while the transaction is being processed, the transaction time allows ends before the Customer completes the transaction, the customer incorrectly enters the requested information during the payment process.

b. For GoStudio

  • GoStudio’s Rights
  • In the case of a complaint dispute, GoStudio has the right to temporarily lock the customer's account, for the purpose of checking and resolving complaints. Any damage if any due to the account being locked in this case will not be the responsibility of GoStudio.
  • GoStudio has the right to refuse to provide services to customers in case it detects that customers have signs of breaking the law according to the current provisions of Vietnam's Law or contrary to the regulations set forth by GoStudio, including business activities, transferring GOC between accounts in any form (for profit or not).
  • GoStudio has the right to ask customers to provide and check information related to GOC accounts and GOC transactions in case customers need support, or have disputes or complaints or problems related to law.
  • GoStudio has the right to waive responsibility for cases due to the customer's fault for not strictly complying with the regulations on privacy of personal information, revealing the account to others.
  • GoStudio will assist customers in cases of errors in charging or paying GOC for services, including cases such as the system not providing services to customers even though GOC has been deducted in account, the system only performs a part of the service even though the entire GOC has been deducted, the GOC balance after depositing or paying for the service is incorrect and other cases. GoStudio will work with customers to find a solution for each specific case, however GoStudio does not guarantee that the GOC refund solution will be applied to all cases.
  • GoStudio reserves the right to change the fee for GOC-paid services, change the value of GOC recharge packages or stop providing GOC accounts without prior notice.
  • GoStudio’s Responsibilities and Obligations
  • Provide and update GOC accounts for customers as soon as receiving GOC recharge notices from payment service providers.
  • Quickly support, check and resolve inquiries and complaints from customers within the scope permitted by law.
  • GoStudio is obligated to secure information about GOC accounts, balances and payments made using GOC confidential.
  • GoStudio is responsible for providing investigation agencies with information about customers' accounts and transaction history in case of detecting signs of fraud or breaking the law.
  • In case the account is closed, the entire balance in the account will be locked by GoStudio.
  • In case the account is temporarily locked, the entire balance will be frozen. If the account is reopened, the customer can use the balance as usual. In case the account is permanently closed, the entire GOC will also be permanently locked.

3.5. Resolve complaints

a. Complaint settlement cases

          GoStudio will assist to the reasonable extent to handle complaints or problems encountered when using a GOC account, for example the following commonly encountered cases:

  • Customers cannot register a GOC account on GoStudio.
  • Customers cannot use GOC to pay for services from GoStudio (except in cases that GoStudio finds signs of contravention of applicable laws or GoStudio policies).
  • Customer has topped up GOC but the charged value is not displayed on the system.
  • The customer has topped up GOC but the deposit value displayed on the system does not match the amount paid by the customer.
  • Customers have used GOC to pay for services from GoStudio, the system has deducted GOC but for some reason the service has not been activated.
  • Customers have used GOC to pay for services from GoStudio, the system has deducted GOC but for some reason only part of the service is activated.
  • Cases of deviation in payment value for advanced services due to errors from GoStudio's system.
  • Cases of invalid transactions made by the customer's account.


  • If there are any questions about the order, customers are encouraged to contact GoStudio within 10 working days for timely processing. GoStudio will be exempt from liability if the customer reports after 10 working days.
  • Because GoStudio does not provide GOC charging methods directly to customers, but through service providers. Therefore, GoStudio cannot resolve claims related to systems of third parties (eg banks or network providers). In case of errors from the systems of third parties such as banks or network providers, GoStudio will assist to the extent possible. However, GoStudio does not guarantee refunds for customers. Customers are encouraged to contact their bank or network providers directly to find out the cause of the problem.
  • For payment by domestic bank card (ATM card), when receiving complaint from Customer, GoStudio will check transaction history and support customer, however will not guarantee refund and provide customer service if the problem occurs in the following cases:
  • Customers who have not registered to use the services required by the card issuer can use online payment by domestic bank card (ATM card) via Payment Gateway.
  • Customer's transaction is not eligible to make online payment according to the “Payment Regulations” of the Card Issuing Bank.
  • Error in connection between the Customer and the Card Issuing Bank or between the Bank and the Payment Gateway (internet network malfunction, the Card Issuing Bank's system or the Payment Gateway's system is faulty, etc.).
  • The customer cancels the transaction or closes the browser while the transaction is being processed.
  • The allowed transaction time ends before the Client completes the transaction.
  • Customer enters wrong requested information (Cardholder's name on bank card, Card number, Issuance date, OTP number, check string, Name and Password to access e-banking service, etc.).
  • For GOC transactions made using the GOC charging methods provided by GoStudio from time to time, GoStudio does not take any responsibility, including but not limited to complaint settlement, refund, cancel transaction, re-execute or correct such transaction, in the case of any confusion, error, omission, mishandling or other error on the part of the Client, whether directly or indirectly.
  • In addition to cases related to GOC accounts, customers can always contact GoStudio for more complete advice on the services being provided by GoStudio, problems encountered when using GoStudio.

b. Complaint handling process

     - Customers can contact GoStudio directly through the following channels:

               ○ Hotline: 1900 277 255 – Operating time from 6h30 to 22h00 from Monday to Sunday every week.

               ○ Email: [email protected]

               ○ Direct chat at Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/gostudio.co

  • Depending on the specific case, GoStudio's support team will handle it within 1-3 working days.
  •  In order for the support process can be taken place quickly and efficiently, Customers please provide support staff with your specific case along with account information on the GoStudio website (phone number, registered email), order number on emailed invoice, transaction execution time, proof of successful transaction execution, etc. All personal information will be protected according to the terms of the "Information Privacy Policy" section published on the GoStudio website.
  • GoStudio commits to operate email [email protected] 24/24 to provide timely and quick support to customers.



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