Policy on security of payment information

Last updated: 21/01/2022


Card payment system provided by payment intermediaries partners ("Payment Intermediary Partner") has been legally licensed to operate in Vietnam. Accordingly, the card payment security standards at the Website GoStudio ensures compliance with industry security standards. 



2.1. The policy of payment by international card and domestic card (internet banking) ensures compliance with the security standards of Payment Intermediary Partner, including:

  • Client's financial information shall be protected during transaction by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
  • Certified payment data security standard (PCI DSS) provided by Trustwave.
  • The feature of encoding international card numbers (Tokenization).
  • Information security principles and regulations in the banking and finance industry according to the regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam. 

2.2. Policy of security of payment transaction that Website GoStudio applies to Client:

  • Website GoStudio provides a token storage utility that only stores the encrypted strings by the Payment Intermediary Partner provided to Website GoStudio.
  • Website GoStudio does not directly store Client’s card information. The security of Client’s payment card information is performed by a licensed Payment Intermediary Partner.
  • For international cards: Client’s payment card information that can be used to establish transactions not saved on Website GoStudio. Payment Intermediary Partner shall store and secure.
  • For domestic cards (internet banking), Website GoStudio only stores order codes, transaction codes and bank names.

Website GoStudio commits to ensuring the strict implementation of the necessary security measures for all payments performed on Website GoStudio.


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