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Regulations on refund/return of service

1.GoStudio shall refund/return of Service in the following cases ("Refund/return cases"): 

1.1. Service provided by GoStudio does not meet the standards (including issues: quality, methods and time of delivery) as committed in the policies and regulations stated on Website GoStudio;

1.2. Customer has paid but GoStudio does not perform the delivery of the Services as committed in the policies and regulations stated on Website GoStudio.

Note: GoStudio shall be exempted from refund/return obligation if it is in the cases of limitation of legal liability as shown in the Terms of Service on Website GoStudio.

2. Conditions for refund/return: 

2.1. Customer must notify immediately or no later than 24 (twenty-four) hours from the discovery of the problem;

2.2. Customer makes notice to GoStudio about the issue via the GoStudio hotline or email displayed on Website GoStudio;

2.3. Customer coordinates to provide necessary information for GoStudio to identify fault and make refund/return.

3. Term of refund/return: Not later than 24 (twenty-four) hours since the Customer\'s refund/return cases are determined.

4. Method of refund/return: Depending on the specific request of Customer: refund or return the Service, GoStudio shall follow Customer’s request.

4.1. In case of a refund, GoStudio shall transfer money to Customer according to the account that Customer has paid for GoStudio.

4.2. In case of return of the Service, GoStudio shall reissue the Service package according to the Customer’s registered account.

5. Cost of refund/return: Shall be paid entirely by GoStudio if that is GoStudio’s fault. 

Website GoStudio commits to ensuring the strict implementation of the necessary security measures for all payments performed on Website GoStudio.

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