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Start to use GoStudio

Welcome you to GoStudio, this is the first GoStudio detailed instruction blog. Let's read and experience this attractive multifeature app for interactive livestreams!

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Start to use

The following information will help you to start using confidently. If you want instructions under video form, we have available Lists of videos on GoStudio official Youtube channel.

GoStudio is online studio solution, no download, no installation and no needed bulky equipments. With only one computer, microphone and camera, you can use GoStudio effectively.

Steps to begin:
1. Start an internet browser (Chrome, Mozilla firefox,…or any supporting browser)
2. Sign up GoStudio if you haven't had an account
3. Link to facebook, youtube 
4. Create a project and start to stream

These are all you need to begin!

If you want to design a video livestream in the highest quality, please read Tools and devices to find out more interesting features of GoStudio and use it optimally.

These are all necessary steps to use GoStudio effectively. If you still have question or need support in using, please contact GoStudio supporting team at: m.me/gostudio.co
Wish you have the best experience with GoStudio.

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